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When The Schrödinger's Cat Meets With Eastern Conception

When The Schrödinger's Cat Meets With Eastern Conception

A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. BJD was firstly founded by Japanese artists using porcelain or Polyurethane resins to make their artworks. They are usually large, humanoid and less cartoony. When the idea was born, it was out of control and swept the whole of east Asia, and soon to be global. They were usually considered to be cute and anime-inspired. After all, who can say no to a cartoon doll with movable joints?

Blind box is a toy box in which consumers can not know the specific product style in advance, and has a random attribute. Just like The Schrödinger's Cat, you can never know what's exactly in the box unless you open it. These two concepts meet, it becomes the Kikagoods.

In 2000s, China. High class parents squeezed their heads to buy a Barbie Doll for their children. They would never know how small and delicate a doll can be only 20 years later. Penny's Box made their first tries releasing Antu Nature Wonderland Action Figure in Aug, 2022. Critically, it revolutionized the introduction of new ideas, the MOVEABLE joints! It allows players to pose the dolls as they wish, don't have to worry about damage. What's more, you can easily decorate them with different clothes or dresses! As the very first BJD blind box in market, it inherits literally every advantage of ordinary dolls. Historically, this is the first time that BJD works have been reduced from a few hundred dollars to tens of dollars, which made it possible for ordinary people to have their own BJD dolls!

Antu Nature Wonderland Action Figure BJD Blind Box


Antu Dreamlike Tea Party Action Figure BJD Blind Box was the brand new updates, or the new variant of the first generation. The inspiration was basically the same. However, this time Antu and her friends were all returned to their original forms, the Centaurs! (Furry lovers,Let me see your hands!)Their expressions are also richer than those of the first generation. The material is mainly applied to pvc.Antu and her friends are waiting for you in the tea room! Why not drink a cup of tea with them? Or coffee is OK though :D

Antu Dreamlike Tea Party Action Figure BJD Blind Box


Then we have our third product made by Penny's Box, the School of Fancies BJD Blind Box - School Haunting Series. It's a very novel designed, I would say. And pretty Japan-style. There are 6 different characters plus 1 hidden to this collect. Each of them represents a different character at school time, such as the sports student Cang Er, the Chaiman Bai Mo or the Merit Student Yoyo. It literally brings me back to the student years, when time went so slowly and life was so simple. Find out who's the hidden one! After all, I don't know yet ,too. You can always find out your student life here!

School of Fancies BJD Blind Box - School Haunting Series


Speaking of the school time, there's another series that dedicated to it. Teennar Campus BJD Blind Box is the one that you are looking for. The subject was 6 good friends went out for a campus. The brand company, SimonToys, followed Penny's Box, made their first BJD attempt, has designed them very carefully and purposefully to catch girl's eyes. Look! Each of them are wearing completely different dresses. There're sailor suits, sweaters, JK uniforms and so on. Girls can't miss this set! There's also a hidden style in it.  

Teennar Campus BJD Blind Box


Different from the above four Japanese manga styles, Bonnie The Journey Of Streets Action Figure BJD Blind Box was designed in American style. Obviously,the subject was inspired by the combination of campus sweetheart and street style. Different from all these series, the brand company, COME4ARTS, has made a bold and risky attempt. They built the bunny's eyes into the structure of the body, which makes their eyes look more alive and crystally clear. "The images in the Little BONNIE series come from different girls in life. It hopes that girls are encouraged to wear all the clothes they love and to break the shackles of dressing and untie themselves." This is what exactly written on the package. And it is also our wish to people all over the world to untie and show themselves. It's about unfettering, self-release and freedom.

Bonnie The Journey Of Streets Action Figure BJD Blind Box


Finally, we have the ancient Chinese style.Yun Lai Food Shop BJD Figure. Tanghulu and Tangyuan runs a food shop together, which was well-know to the town because of the delicious food there. They often helps others and offer poor guys a hot meal. One day, it rumored in the town that there were fairies from the sky, who called by a mysteries box,would make all kinds of amazing snacks... That's a story about how simple and innocent life used to be. This series features classic red and blue tones. Look, Tangyuan wears an apron for cooking while Tanghulu asks if you want a candied haw or not! Why not stop your pace and enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Yun Lai Food Shop?

Yun Lai Food Shop BJD Figure


Now you may understand that blind box isn't just a doll, but also a philosophy of friendship and memories: Every time you opened a blind box, the uncertain possibilities of blind boxes drive you back to childhood innocent times, when your parents bought you the very first blind box in your life. It's more like a way of sharing joy and happiness, instead of just a toy.

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This was very informative!! ☺️☺️☺️ I enjoyed the section about the Yun Lai food girls! Now I feel like I understand more about BJD blind boxes and their designs!

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