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Q&A About Insect Cafe Series

Q&A About Insect Cafe Series

Part 1: About Products👀

Q1: Do you plan on making more insect inspired BJDs in the future?
A1: Of course😄! There are will be more KUKAKA!

Q2: Were there any bug types, that you wanted to include in the kukaka series, that you ended up not making?
Well, scorpion 🦂 , Spider 🕷️ , Hercules?

Q3: Where did you get the idea to make the cute bug girls?
A3: Thanks for the gift from nature! Reality provides me inspiration.

Q4: Could you please tell us something about your future designs? It will be a new insect series or something totally different? Do you have plans to introduce other skin tones (tan skin or fantasy skin colors) in the future? what about male characters?
A4: KUKAKA will be a continuous series. Yes, more skin colors and more male characters for sure.

Q5: What are your future plans? When will you release your next collection?
A5: Please Alive 📆 . August.

Q6: Why a cafe? Where did you get the idea to do bug cafe? What is the inspiration for the style of the faces?
A6: Since I think the idea of maid cafe is cute~! The style of faces come from my personal art style.

Q7: Will you offer more clothing options for them? If so, are you able to share any concepts?
A7: Sure~ and there will more accessories. Nothing to share at this moment since we are a group of people who can only come up with new ideas near the deadline lol.

Q8: What was the process behind designing the bodies for insect cafe life?
A8: I want to design a unique cartoon body which is different from others. And I want they can stand on their toes, so here they are~

Q9: Do you plan on making more insect inspired designs or will you be doing something different in the future?
A9: Yes, we will do both!

Q10: Would you make more of this bjd but different series?
A10: YEP😝 !

Part 2 Suggestions📢

1. I think many people would love to buy more wings 🪽 for dolls! The bug cafe wings go well with other dolls too. You could consider selling wings as a seperate product. Not many places offer bug type wings.

2. I'm simply in love with black dolls because they make me feel very represented, so what I would like most is for you to make more dolls in tan, or black.

3. it will be super nice if you can sell doll parts like not painted faceplates, bodies and different hairs so we can customize and create our own insect.

4. I think it would be cool to see a bird-themed one🦅, or sea creatures 🦈 ! Flower-themed🌼dolls would be cute too!

5. I would very much like to continue to see the originality of the insect maid in the future, with other insects (ladybug 🐞 , ant 🐜, spider 🕸️), and therefore to know if they already had any suggestions from their side on their guidelines for the next ones?

6. Can you please make more Moths please! I would buy an entire series of moths!

7. The heads are a bit heavy so sometimes they fall, and the hands are very hard to change (like most bjd dolls). Maybe give each doll a "tattoo" of their bug type.

8. It looks like there's only one boy (Akim the scarab). I collect mostly male dolls, so I'd love to see more boyish/masculine bugs in this collection to compliment the feminine ones.

9. Perhaps different way of attaching bug tail since now they fall out easily.

10. I have a few suggestions for product ideas, such as an alien 👽or space 🚀 theme. Holiday themed ones would also be fun, id especially like to see halloween 🎃 or other seasonal ideas. It would also be nice to have shoes that will fit the style of feet the dolls have.

11.The hair piece is too loose and falls off, maybe a magnet to help hold it on. The stockings were difficult to get on, but I got them on and they are very cute!

12. They can be removed and attached. My Mimi came with both her antenna broken clean off. Finally, I would like to ask that perhaps the clothing have a more closed back design or have snaps or velcro so that the dress doesnt expose the dolls backside.


I have read all the suggestions and I am sincerely thankful for helping us to improve. I promise we will improve the followings ⬇️

1. Enhanced package as a lot of you guys are from abroad and shipping may damage toys, and we want them to happen less and less.

2. Tighter and better fitments for the hair and tails.

3. We will invest much more time on clothing including the design, the quality and the easiness to wear them!

Again I appreciate all the suggestions 😘 !

Part 3 Blessings ❤️

  • Thank you for making cute dolls with unique bodies!
  • I can only say that I am very, very passionate about everything you do, I really like the way you work, always bringing something new and cute😍
  • I hope you continue to make dolls, I own two and they are some of my favorite dolls, they pose well, sit and I love the jointed feet.
  • I really love the poseability and the unique design of you dolls. The body shape is adorable and the insect theme is just so cute and unique!
  • I love the insect girls🥹 ! So cute with big hands and feet!
  • You did a great job on the dolls! I hope you are able to make more dolls and have fun!
  • Thank you for making such creative designs! We look forward to your work!
  • Moth boys please! Cute Moth boys! 🪰
  • I'd love to see this series of dolls grow! I hope you will continue to make new insect characters to join the collection! 
  • Thank you so much for your hard work and lovely art and toys!
  • Your designs are adorable and unique! I hope you have the all the success you deserve!
  • I love this series so much 🥰 , the character designs are amazing and I love the style that they are in!
  • Beautiful designs, beautiful quality, extremely cute. Love the shiny card, the art, the fact they can stand. the pretty clothing. Good price and makes me want to collect more.
  • You all are amazing at your job, the designs are so perfect, please continue making bjds because you're already pros! (Plus there's a good chance other people will buy a lot of them too)

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