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Tax Related

In order to comply with the requirements for e-commerce business in different countries, we have currently received notices from relevant tax authorities requiring us to collect relevant sales tax from our customers and complete the corresponding tax declaration and payment.

We will pay the final sales tax collected from our customers to the tax department of the corresponding country. Only in this way can we ensure that KikaGoods' business is compliant and legal.

As of now, the countries and regions where we are involved in sales tax are as follows:

1. European Union – Import One Stop Shop
2. Norway – Online Electronic Consumption Tax
3. United States (13 States: Nevada, Kentucky, Maryland, Illinois, Virginia, Utah, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia) – Sales and Use Tax

Please believe that we do this to ensure the legitimacy of our business, and to provide you with better services in the future.

If there are any subsequent tax adjustments, we will notify you in time. Please kindly contact our customer service, if you have any questions about tax issues :


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