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Part 1: About Products👀

    Q1: Could you describe the process of creating a blind box, from the initial draft to the finished product?
    A1: In fact, it’s a quite complex process, involving character selection, 3D modeling, adjustments to the prototype mold dimensions, determination of color and paint schemes as well as fixture, tooling, and dismantling.

    Q2: Could you elaborate on the process of designing different characters? I'm quite interested in it. 😍
    A2: Before conceptualizing a new character, we will first search on the Internet to ensure its originality. Despite the abundance of adorable characters available, maintaining uniqueness is essential. Overall, inspiration plays a significant role during the design process. Ha ha!

    Q3: What's your favorite animal during the design process?
    A3: Cat 😸 and dog 🐶. I do love animals very much!

    Q4: Will you launch cake or candy fairy series blind box?
    A4: We’ve developed characters such as Mooncake Dragon & Turtle and Tang Yuan Seal. And we may consider launching cake 🍰 or candy 🍬 fairy series in the future.

    Q5: Will there be other characters? Any breakthroughs regarding Vegetable Dog?
    A5: Yes, in addition to Vegetable and Fruit Series, I’m creating other series, such as Appliance Fairy Series (Hairdryer Leopard and Quilt Pig). I’ve already released them on my social media platforms.

    Q6: Where do you get the inspiration to make dolls? Why did you decide to design current dolls?
    A6: The Vegetable Fairy was designed to help kids eat vegetables. By combining adorable animals with vegetables, I’d like to change children’s stereotypes of vegetables. In this sense, I always draw inspiration from daily life.

    Q7: Which series was the most fun to design? What’s the theme of the new series?
    A7: Whether it's vegetables, fruits, furniture, desserts, or anything else, I cherish all these designs. It’s enjoyable to design each of them. Currently, I’m concentrating on creating Vegetable Fairy Series Blind Box, so stay tuned for new characters.

    Q8: Are there any plans for limited edition designs?
    A8: We’ve been planning to release limited edition designs. You will see more Vegetable Fairy Series one day!

    Q9: Will there be other blind boxes resembling the style of Fruit Fairy Series 1 🍓🍇🍈?
    A9: To maintain innovation, we will incorporate various new elements into each series of products. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any of the designs if you find them appealing!

    Q10: How do you perceive the importance of creativity and originality in design?
    A10: I hope children can learn more about the functions of vegetables through our Vegetable Fairy series. Therefore, it's crucial to design each vegetable fairy following the philosophy of positivity, making our products an integral part of children's cognitive and dietary education.

    Q11: What factors do you usually consider when designing trendy products? How do you ensure their uniqueness while meeting market demands?
    A11: Trendy toys refer to fast fashion products characterized by different materials and colors. I hope you guys can learn more about the story of each fairy and find your favorite character. That’s your fashion trend.

    Q12: What challenges have you faced in the past and how did you overcome them?
    A12: Designing products or characters that satisfy my vision while resonating with people is challenging. However, perseverance is key to overcoming these obstacles.

    Part 2 Suggestions📢

    1. I would love to see more blind boxes featuring animal images!
    A1: Thank you for your advice. We will keep working on it.

    2. Hope to see some action figure series.
    A2: Yeah, your dream will come true in the future.

    3. Would you be able to make a fox-themed series? Really want to see various themes.
    A3: Definitely! We will launch products modeled after radish fox 🦊.

    4. Please consider creating more bird-themed products! They are so cute! 
    A4: We appreciate your suggestion and will consider it seriously ~

    5. It would be fantastic to have some practical products, such as a multi-functional vegetable dog doll.
    A5: We will. And some functional products have been rolled out!

    6. Want to see some blind bags in the image of Vegetable Dog. I believe they are worth collecting!
    A6: Stay tuned and look forward to it!

    Part 3 Blessings💕

    • Wish you all the best for the future and hope to see many more artistic toys that bring joy to our lives! 🤩
    • Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!
    • Wish you happiness and good health! 😘
    • Love the doll designs and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful products! 
    • May you continue to innovate and create more amazing designs!
    • May each step in your journey of branding or design be successful and fulfilling! ✨
    • Hope your life is filled with the joy of design and the excitement of new challenges as you strive for improvement! 
    • May you find joy in designing every day and creating stunning works!
    • Good job and well done! 👍
    • Your attention to detail is truly remarkable! 
    • Every burst of inspiration is a miracle. May your design move to the next level!😊

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