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Q&A About Penny's Box

Q&A About Penny's Box

Part 1 About Design Inspiration👀

Q1: When did you start making dolls? How long does it take to make a doll? What are your future plans?
A1: The founder of Penny has been making dolls since 2003, but the high cost of resin BJDs has kept many players away. To make BJDs accessible to everyone, Penny's Box was born in 2020. The periods of making dolls are 8 to 12 months. And in the future, there will be more dolls with different themes, sizes and shapes~ Stay tuned and look forward to it!

Q2: What do you refer to when deciding on the theme of next series?
A2: Firstly, designers will brainstorm many fantastical ideas, and then they will choose some interesting ideas among them for product transformation.

Q3:How do you get ideas for art dolls? We'd like to see more animal-style dolls.
A3: Every doll is full of vitality, and they are not created by chance but the result of inspiration at every moment. There will be more exotic animals in the future.

Q4: What type of design process do the bjd dolls go through? Does the 'base body' (like the centaur body) get made first and then the different designs get created atop, or do the designs start from a first full design which the others are then based on?
A4: When developing a product, we first design a complete basic image. Well, the design of Antu is a centaur girl, on this basis, we make plans for her to enrich and improve the story. We also study the development of the centaur body and more possibilities for the little girl. From this, the human doll, the centaur doll, and the mermaid doll were born. What's more, these bodies can be used alone to match with other product series, such as the human body has also been successfully used in the Little Painter and Little Witch series.



Q5: Where do you get the inspiration to create a new theme?
A5: Designers have different inspirations in different periods. For example, the inspiration source of Loong Fantasia Series is mostly inspired by Chinese mythology.

Part 2 About Blind Box 🎁

Q1: Do you plan to make more doll series with boys and girls mixed like with the dragons?
A1: Next to the dragon series, The Puppet Kingdom - Little Painter and Little Witch series 🪄 are also the mix of boys and girls.

Q2: Do you plan to use more inset eyes in your designs? I'd like to have a doll with replaceable eyes.
A2: Our design of Adou have got inset eyes, such as the Adou-Street Series, and the newly launched Adou-Loong Fantasia Series.

Q3: Would you consider using a wider range of skin tones on your bjd dolls?
A3: So far, we have offered some skin tones including white, apricot, and caramel skin tones. And also, the skin of the hidden one in the mermaid series is wall white, very special. We plan to introduce even more skin tones in the future.

Q4: Would you consider making more mythical creatures in the future? 
A4: Fantasy creatures are the main product series of Penny’s Box, and we believe there will be more exotic animals in the future.

Q5: Are there plans on releasing more dolls with fully human bodies?
A5: Yes, we will continue to upgrade the original B01, B02, and B03 to create more forms and human body dolls.

Q6: Which series was the most fun to design? 
A6: Each doll has its own unique and meaningful story in the design process, but often, it’s the players who make the dolls more interesting. One of my favorite examples is the Adou series. You know, a lot of players thought that Adou was called Bengbeng, but this is a beautiful misunderstanding. Which is just Adou's dog! 🐕‍🦺

Q7: For the mermaid series, how did you accomplish the translucent gradient in the hair and tails? Would it be possible to create a more adult face shape for these mermaids?
A7: The effect of the fishtail is mainly through oil spraying and color matching. In the future, we might even have more mature face sculpts~ 

Q8: Is there a possibility of a doll being released with fiber hair rather than plastic?
A8: The new projects are in the pipeline, and we're working hard to develop dolls with more intricate techniques.

Q9: In addition to doll body, would you consider selling extra shoes, clothes, hair and face pieces? Many people want to make and customize their own unique dolls.
A9: Right now, only a few clothing is sold separately. However, the faces and hair of all products from Penny’s Box are interchangeable, and you can partly achieve the matching you want. Personal customization is a challenge now, but we will consider it seriously.

Part 3 Suggestions 📢

1. I would love to see bigger dolls like 1/6 and 1/8. And also with real wigs, not plastic hair.
A1: Currently, most of Penny's dolls are 1/12 scale, but our new series, the Loong Fantasia, is almost as big as a 1/6 scale. We're planning to make more dolls in different sizes in the future.

2. My suggestion for the unicorns 🦄 and mermaids 🧜‍♀️ currently on sale: I would be happy if their horns were magnetic. I'd like to see more magnetic features or accessories.
A2: The horns are relatively small in the Antu series, which makes it really challenging to make them magnetic. It’s hard to find a suitable magnet that fit the size, let alone embed the magnet into the horns. Plus, there are a lot of transparent parts on the horns of Antu, so the magnets would be exposed.

3. Would love to see a doll stand included with the dolls as they are a bit hard to stand up on their own sometimes.
A3: It’s still under development~

4. Would you be able to make the heads a bit lighter on the bodies. Due to the amount of weight the head flops around.
A4: Thank you for your advice. We'll certainly improve our products~

5. Some people like the faces and hair from the centaur lines but would prefer a human body without needing to purchase a replacement body as this causes an extra body to be wasted.
A5: All the hair and faces of our products are interchangeable. For Antu series, including the human, centaur, and mermaid bodies, which can be matched freely as you like. Or, you can go for the Antu - Natural Wonderland series, which features human bodies.

6. I would love to see a line of angels, both in delicate light-pearl/pink/blue colors as well as in dark- black/grey colors (bat wings). I think a series of Kami would be fun too with inspiration like the Phoenix, Dragon, White Tiger, Qilin, etc.
A6: Definitely~ In the future, we'll draw inspiration from Chinese mythology and create a lot of interesting designs based on those themes.

7. The hats for the dolls should also be magnetic to avoid them falling off constantly. With my little witches and painters set, the hats keep falling off while displayed or when handling.
A7: Many players have mentioned that the head was too heavy. In order to make the head lighter, we've tried to minimize the use of heavy materials, including the magnetic hat. On the other hand, we'll continue to find more convenient ways to fix it.

8. Will like lines with completely animal faces (i.e. nose, animal nose, ears, etc.)
A8: Thank you for your advice. We will consider it seriously~

9. I hope to see more fantastical/mythological creatures (elf, fairies, bunnies, cats, etc.) in the same style with dresses or other beautiful and elegant clothing in the future!
A9: We plan to design a lot of animal-themed dolls in the future~ Stay tuned and don't miss out!

10. Can magnets be placed on feet? It helps when posing and standing.
A10: Actually, the feet are quite small now, which makes it challenging to embed magnets. But we’ll consider your suggestions seriously.

11. I would like to see some dolls that are not blind boxes, but specified styles.
A11: We appreciate your suggestion and will consider it seriously ~

Part 4 Blessings ❤️

  • We love your toys so much! 🥰 The designs and quality are excellent! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful and unique doll designs with the world!
  • Thank you for making the centaur dolls! I have four of them and they are my favorites !! they are so cute.
  • You're dolls have all be designed so beautifully! Thank you for bringing such artistry to an affordable BJD.
  • I wish the future of Penny's Box the best, i adore your products and i can't wait to see what the future has ahead for them. 🤩
  • You've given me a doll collecting habit and I now need to install some shelves to properly display your gorgeous dolls. Thank you for putting out so many lovely designs!
  • I recently received a few mermaid dolls from Penny’s Box, they are so gorgeous and intricately designed ✨ .
  • For great success! Penny's Box is the only company I can think of that are making such cool and unique designs, I hope more and more people take notice and give their support. 💕
  • Love the doll designs and color schemes and themes very much, they are extremely aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. I'm very excited for the dragon doll.
  • Penny’s Box is my favorite doll company ever! I love your designs and characters so much! You make amazing work and I just want to tell you all to keep being awesome! Wish you a really good year so you can continue to do your beautiful work. Thanks to the whole team for your effort and hard work to create such beautiful dolls for us. I wish your team much success. 🎉
  • The Penny's Box dolls are always so cute and well-made, I have 5 of them already and plan to order more!! I feel fortunate to be able to afford these dolls as sometimes the entire collection can get expensive though the collector in me feels like is worth it and satisfying.
  • Your designs are brilliant and lovely, good job and well done 🙌 .

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