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Emma The Universe Timeline Branch

Emma The Universe Timeline Branch

For most of people and intelligent life in universe, time is linear and one directional, which was, and always will be. Tom the Cat should be chasing The Jerry Mouse. And Roki should be the prankster in Asgard....Although they are in different universe with different dimensions, which mutually horizontal to each other thanks to the Sacred Timeline, they are all bound by the Sacred Timeline. With Sacred Timeline, everything has been set to the way it should be. Infinite parallel universes, intertwined with infinite Sacred Timeline, form the multiverse. The multiverse was a utopia, with peace and order.

However, as intelligent life forms lower their entropy at the cost of entropy increasing, which is putting the multiverse utopia more and more flawed.


Until the COLLAPSE happened in Emma's universe as the entropy increased to a critical and specific value. After the beginning of COLLAPSE, people are no longer bound from Sacred Time Line. When people stand at the crossroads of a choice, the sacred timeline starts to branch, meaning it is no longer unique. For example, when you have to choose between eating and sleeping, which means you've been standing at the crossroads, the branch happened.

Then, the variant of Emma appeared.

Emma was a cute bunny girl who often worries about how to dress herself up. When the Collapse happened, she was having a forest party. She suddenly found herself in a special situation in which she was able to dress differently. The first branch of Secret Time line happened... But for Emma, this is not a bad situation where she finally doesn't have to worry about what to wear!!

Emma is not only a fan of forest party, but also loves masked prom. (Literally, nobody doesn't love the prom!) When she was considering how to dress like a qualified prankster on Halloween prom, the branch immediately happened. She finally dominated the halloween prom with 9 mutually exclusive looks!!

Have you ever had any crazy ideas, like Emma X Japanese Style? Don't worry, cause Emma have had it! When she thought which ancient oriental clothes she should started with, the branch started. As she would finally able to fulfill all her oriental dreams at 1 single time!

Emma's friend's birthday is coming up! So she started preparing the beautiful outfit she will wear to her friend's birthday party. But she quickly realized that she could satisfy all options at once to make her friend a HUGE SURPRISE! Like in response, the branch started immediately. She even dressed herself as a candle and a gift for her friend! Look how sweet she is.

You may have thought Emma was just too silly a girl to have any kind of art. Not exactly! This time Emma is having an art exhibition of herself. She wears all kinds of clothes to paint a portrait for herself! You may wondering how many of her are there? Seven? Eight? Actually 10, thanks to the general hidden & the super hidden style!

In this very universe, Emma had become the bride to a Wolf Bridegroom. Wait a second...OMG the Bridegroom is Emma herself!! She used the branch to create the bridegroom and the master of ceremonies to have a great wedding, so she should never have to be alone! “May the Lord bless you both all the days of your lives and fill you with his joy. Amen.” Congratulations to them!

So what happens to the 9th Emma universe? Nobody ever knows and......Wait. The 9th Emma universe has appeared now! This time Emma is born in the ancient Tang or Song Dynasty, where she can realize all her dreams at once, to become a maid or a princess, even a instrumentalist or a drama actress!! Look how MULTIPLE and SWEET she is! 

In every parallel universe, Emma's look is completely different. A wise man who have seen the real form of multiverse, said that there are no two identical Emmas in the world. How many universes will be conquered by Emma's cuteness? And how many different Emma will there be? I have no idea about that. But the truth I already know is that, as long as the branch of Secret Time Line doesn't stop, Emma won't stop splitting into a new appearance as she wishes.



Emma has so much fun!!🐰❤️ I want to have a multiverse like her 😂


Emma has so much fun!!🐰❤️ I want to have a multiverse like her 😂

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