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People’s Choice of 2021: Top 10 (Part Ⅰ)

People’s Choice of 2021: Top 10 (Part Ⅰ)

 10. Dorothy Forest Spirit

We see some old faces here. The Dorothy Forest Spirit has been the most popular among the other Dorothy series(Devil Angel/Fairy Herb series). They are dainty, elegant and well painted.







 9. Emma Secret Forest Tea Party

I knew it would be in the top ten. I mean look at the details. Girls gather and have a nice afternoon tea party. What else would be more attractive than that? 

 8. Love And Death Ghost Bear

Designed by Shinwoo, this series has been paid much attention from the very beginning. People love the sense of design and even the story behind them.


7. Genshin Impact Battlefield

On sale just right at the 4th quarter, but it rushed to top ten of whole year in a very short time. The power of OTAKU!


6. Catch the Demon Series 1

Though it is tiny, but you still showed much interest. And we all know that it is the quality and design that really matters. Well that is quite a direction for KikaGoods too.

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