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Li Yuan X Kikagoods - Wave 1 For PBG Release

Li Yuan X Kikagoods - Wave 1 For PBG Release

If you remember just a couple of weeks back, we saw you guys had positive expectations for the upcoming Peach Bat Girl. That’s the newest design from Li Yuan, the hot maid cat designer, and this time the figure would be carried by Kikagoods ourselves. We plan to put on sale in the first quarter in 2022!

At an earlier time, we have revealed the unpainted garage kit in polyurethane resin on our socials. We got positive feedback. Below, we’d love to share more with you.

See below the gray model without a stand just received several days ago. It’s nice to see this unpainted model is exactly the same with the original design. We were very excited when we hold them on hand and glanced at the details.

Let’s take a closer look on the details. Actually we met some tough problems like the angle at which it stands. The figure itself would be out of shape if being over pitched for a long time. So the designer has adjusted the inclination several times and we are trying to make it look as perfect as she can. 

Besides, we just feel so hard to decide in which color and shape the stand will be. But anyway she won’t disappoint.

We are going to release more details. Once again it looks nice and would be more awesome in painted model. Literally will be available for sale in next quarter!

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