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Molinta The Gossip Girls

Molinta The Gossip Girls

Many year later as she graduated from the college and about to say goodbye to the club, Molinta was to remember that distant afternoon when she was going on a picnic in a park next to her house, after had an argument with her parents, just like the most teens have did. At that time, she was just an ordinary rural high-school-girl, who helps parents do some farm work, not really volunteered though. It is where she desperately, made up her mind, began to be the coolest girl in the crowd, to show her parents she was not what they thought, which is literally the classic idea from girls that age. Rebellious period, right?

She succeeded, by establishing the Gossip club in college, which is where she started tutoring her members on how to dress like a cool girl, as well as the dating strategy. For her, personally, the most recognizable is the two bundles of hair she tied on both sides, just like popcorn, which is where her nicknames came from. 

Molinta was initiated from just a random graffiti by her creator. As her hair much looks like a popcorn, everyone kindly calls her as the Popcorn Girl. With repeated imaginations and depictions, her image gradually plumps up. She was a girl with apple fragrance and mild sorrow. Although not everyone will be a fan of the rebellious girl, she became famous overnight by her insane fans. 

Look at her! Her body is covered with a special paint, which makes her very smooth to the touch, and always reflects flash where there is light. Her eyes are cute to show her innocence and guiltlessness, and she wears all kinds of outfits and hats to show her inclusiveness and diversity. The most impressive, of course, was her cute popcorn-like hair accessories.

That's her College Life. Let's enjoy it!


Molinta tells us a story that ordinary girls can become the center of attention, with their talent/effort in certain areas. Girls are just meant to be princesses, so why not just wait a little longer?




I love Molinta 💕


I want to be part of the Gossip Club too ! It sounds fun !


I loved this story of Molinta’s transformation! I’m happy she became the coolest girl in school!! ❤️❤️❤️



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