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Island Dreams Unboxed: Discovering the Liroro Summer Series BJD Figures

Island Dreams Unboxed: Discovering the Liroro Summer Series BJD Figures

On a sunny afternoon the never-ending sea is flowing, they experienced an unforgettable rafting trip. The summer island welcomes everyone who comes here to explore.

The new Secret Base is waiting for everyone to adventure and enjoy, where there are sun, sand, coast and special summer memories.

They are all in Lolita have different colors of clothing and hair, having sparkling eyes and delicate makeup. The matte texture and tight joints add vividness to the all characters. The matte texture and spotless detail design will inadvertently cure our fatigue.Putting them together is really delectable! Furthermore, we can also dress them up by ourselves, such as changing eye pieces, hair bands, makeup and so on.


Summer wildness


They seem to have stumbled into the fairy tale world, which is very similar to the scenery that described in the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. For them, this is nothing but a magical summer trip, where free-flying seagulls, lazy and comfortable shepherd dogs have become their intimate friends.

The story of the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz takes place in an exciting and wonderful world. The circumstances in this fairy tale are as follows:

"Not far from there is a stream, between the Green River Ben ice, flashing, murmured whisper, to a long life in the dry, gry Prairie Girl. The sound is so pleasant."

"On both sides of the street is lined with rows of beautiful houses, built of green marble, and emerald green."


Look at this playful bunches and animated eyes, matched with dress of Forest Department of the girl, really make an impression! We can manually adjust her posture, such as sitting, standing and others. This matching cute little camera accessory in the picture can also be taken off by ourselves. The lace design of the small dress is with the green color together, as if we are really in the fairy tale forest.

Summer Love Letter


With a pair of antlers headdresses and flowing brown locks, they seem unique in this fairy-tale world. Through the vast ocean and mist-shrouded forest, they finally come to the summer island. 

At that moment they just want to take up a pen to write a love letter in order to send to the next summer. The words in this letter are full of sincerity. They close the pen cap, seal the envelope, and then deliver it to the deer courier, let it pick up. Although the destination does not clear, the courier deer still firmly starts to go to the endless journey ahead.


The cute little cape, textured long hair,delicate dress, unique headdress and the deer by her side all bring this BJD blind box to life. The brown hair design is consistent with the color of the deer accessory so that they look like intimate friends when placed together! In addition, purple lace and bowknot adds a touch of vividness to the gloomy atmosphere.


Summer Rose


In the summer , the waves constantly beat the rocks on the shore, and the sound of cicadas wakes up the residents of this island. In the not far from where the flower bushes blooming with, contests, stood scattered bursts of fragrance, for this island city adds a bit of vitality.To the sight in the distance can she smell the fragrance, make her relaxed and happy.


Pink Lolita dress, pink hair, pink leather shoes, pink bowknot and lace socks, sleeves, all these make her the sweetest little girl on this island! Sitting in the rose bush, she is completely integrated with the roses! Even no fresher rose hangs on the branches than she. If you look carefully, you'll also notice that her pupils are different colors.

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