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Let's go to 『Ghost Bear Midnight Paradise』🎡

Let's go to 『Ghost Bear Midnight Paradise』🎡


If one day
Your stock of beautiful dreams 💤 is running out
Please tell yourself it's all right
Cause at 🎡 Midnight Paradise
Ghost Bear will create a dream 🦋 for you...

  • Ticket Booth

🎠 At the entrance of the Amusement Park, Ticket Booth greets all the arriving customers.

🎠 The unique bright yellow color makes him look so energetic. And the most special thing is his belly with a lovely star ⭐️ in the transparent material.

  • Midnight Circus

🎠 The huge Midnight Circus is bigger than this circus 🎪. It was not an easy task for him to go inside 🤣.

🎠 The gradient purple Midnight Circus is very pretty. In addition, the glossy appearance seems to be glowing ✨ which easily catches people's eyes.

  • Cotton Candy Bear

🎠 Who can say no to sweet and pretty colored marshmallows? I guess no one!

🎠 Cotton Candy Bear fuzzy touch like real marshmallows. Have you noticed the different color of his 👁 two eyes? It's super pretty!

  • Milky Way Train [Hidden]

🎠 Wow - the train to the 💫 Milky Way is about to start! What are you waiting for? Jump on the train!

🎠 Do you think what is in the Milky Way? 👀 The train driver Milky Way Train takes you to explore the mysterious Milky Way!

  • Star Guardian [Super Hidden]

🎠 Star Guardian is always alone to admire the twinkling stars ✨ thousands of light years away from us.

🎠 Guess how Star Guardian protects the stars? The answer is that he has wings as fast as a rocket 🚀!

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