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Kayla X Legendary Spirits Series Blind Box Episode 1

Kayla X Legendary Spirits Series Blind Box Episode 1

"Is it real or is it fantasy, is it wicked or is it kind?"

In this nihilistic world......

Monsters are not only confused souls

But also brave spirit who explore the truth



In the ancient tales of China, a collection of poignant and breathtaking stories about female supernatural creatures has been handed down through the ages. Kayla takes us on a journey through time, transporting us to a realm of mystery. Within these legends, the supernatural beings unfold like blossoming flowers, emitting a bewitching radiance that is both enthralling and spine-chilling, allowing us to experience a form of beauty that transcends reality. Let's embark together on an exploration of these enchanting stories, immersing ourselves in the intoxicating atmosphere of their unique melancholic beauty and endless allure.



Bidding farewell to Xuanyuan’s tomb today,

A thousand years of infamy, causing harm to all.

In the epic tale "Fengshen Yanyi," the nine-tailed fox spirit Su Daji plays a significant role. She possesses the ability to transform into a beautiful human form. Using her allure and seductive dance skills, she beguiles King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty, leading him into a life of debauchery and corrupting the governance of the kingdom. Collaborating with other malevolent beings, she aids in King Zhou's tyrannical rule, which eventually results in the downfall of the Shang Dynasty.

In the novel, under the leadership of King Wu of Zhou, a multitude of deities, immortals, and heroes join forces in a series of battles and strategic maneuvers. They successfully overthrow King Zhou's reign through a combination of mystical confrontations and intellectual challenges, restoring righteousness to the realm. Along this journey, the nine-tailed fox spirit Su Daji meets her demise, her fate becoming a crucial component of the narrative.



"Fengshen Yanyi" is rooted in history and weaves together mythology, legends, and literary creation. It portrays various facets including battles, political maneuvering, and emotions, making it a significant work in classical Chinese literature. Within this narrative, the character of Su Daji, the nine-tailed fox spirit, becomes a symbolically charged figure, often used to discuss themes such as the corruption of power, the allure of beauty, and the decline of a nation.



Drinking this soup erases all past memories,

Crossing this bridge, no familiar faces remain. 

Meng Po is a character in Chinese traditional mythology and folklore, primarily appearing in stories related to the underworld and the cycle of reincarnation. She is considered a goddess who governs the process of reincarnation in Chinese folk beliefs, associated with the past lives and present existence of individuals.
According to traditional beliefs, after death, each person's soul arrives in the underworld, undergoes a period of judgment and cleansing, and is then sent into the cycle of reincarnation to be reborn in the mortal realm. Meng Po plays a crucial role in this process.
Depicted as an elderly woman, Meng Po's task is to provide a bowl of special soup known as "Meng Po Tang" at the Naihe Bridge. This soup is given to freshly deceased souls to drink. The soup has the power to make these souls forget the memories of their past lives, allowing them to start anew in their next life.

In essence, Meng Po is an important figure in Chinese traditional culture regarding death and reincarnation. Her story reflects people's contemplation and imagination about the fate after death and the concept of rebirth.

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