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Genshin Impact: Welcome to fantasy world -- Teyvat 🌸

Genshin Impact: Welcome to fantasy world -- Teyvat 🌸

Traveler, will you be able to find the lost sibling in the fantasy world -- Teyvat with the help of your companion Paimon?

In here, you will meet like-minded companions. 🆒

However, there are also many unknown dangers 👿 waiting for you...

Where is Klee? To find her, you might have to go to the Westwind Knights' lockup. After all, this cute little girl's favorite toy is explosives.  💣 Boom!

The bard Venti is a veritable wine lover. 🍸 It was too cruel for him not to be able to buy wine because of the boy's appearance. Thus, if you like his tunes, 🎶  it is best to go to the pub to buy a glass of wine to him.

 Kaeya is the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius.  The brown skin makes him look so attractive. The popular Kaeya is even known as the "most deserving man for one's granddaughter". 😎

The graceful Diluc is already a famous tycoon 💰  in Mondstadt at such a young age. At the same time, Diluc is also a determined fighter who defends Mondstadt against all odds.

In Mondstadt, everyone loves Barbara. She heals wounds with the power of the water element 💦  and soothes people's tired hearts with her light-hearted songs and dance steps. 🐚 

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