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Power Of Darkness: Dark Souls SP Face The Abyss Blind Box

Power Of Darkness: Dark Souls SP Face The Abyss Blind Box

In ancient times, the world was still undivided and shrouded in fog. There were grey rocks, tall trees and the immortal ancient dragon everywhere.

One day, a fire broke out under a tree. With the burn of fire, the world began to appear the light and dark, hot and cold, life and death.

Then, a few species born out of the darkness were attracted by the fire. They found the king's soul around the fire and challenged the dragon after gaining the king's power. The immortal ancient dragon was finally defeated and the age of fire had come.However,the cursed aura of darkness began to appear in the crowd...

Later, when the fire was no longer able to burn, Gwyn eventually turned himself into firewood and became the first Lords of Cinde.


Abyss Watchers

They are Abyss Watchers who share the blood of the Wolf and take it as a pledge.They've been seeking the signs of the abyss in the darkness.

 Just after Gwyn's first fire, they felt the abyss of the Casas Cemetery was eroding more and more, so they decided to return to the ruined Farron fortress. Nevertheless,they were also eroded because of the perennial fight in the abyss and had to engage in endless cannibalism with their teammates in Farron fortress until the main character arrived.

The members of the team are all abyss watchers who admire the Wolf knight Artorias in the "Dark SoulsⅠ" . They spontaneously undertake the responsibility of monitoring and hindering the erosion of the abyss. Their weapon "Farron Greatsword" is a "special super sword" composed of a claw-shaped short knife equipped with the left hand and a large sword with the right hand, which is named the "Farron Street Dance team" because of its nimble attack action like wolf. Although the individual strength of the watchers is very small, when the wolf blood in the body of each member gathers, they will become a powerful Lords of Cinde.


The Great Grey Wolf Sif

It is only a Wolf that can not speak, but its action is worth a thousand words.

The Wolf Sif is the pet of Artorias, one of the four Knights of King Gwen, from whom Artorias's wolf heraldries derives.

Earlier, the priests had been tricked into excavating the tomb of manus, causing the entire region to be swallowed by the abyss. Artorias and others were sent to remove the threat of the abyss. As everyone knows,people who come into contact with the abyss will gradually lose their sanity, and the only ones who come into contact with the abyss but safe are the players. So Artorias worked out a deal with the abyss for a ring that protect him to walk in it. When he was in the abyss,the limp Wolf Sif still guarded the Wolf knight's Greatsword......

Unfortunately, Artorias was defeated in the battle against the abyss, his dominant hand was wounded, his will was gradually broken and he eventually retreated to the arena, where he was defeated by the main character. Besides, the grey wolf cub sif was saved.

This great gray Wolf always works for the knight Artorias and guards his tomb after his death. The power of the crowd has changed the direction of the world, and the legend of the Wolf will continue to spread...

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