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Cthulhu Cult:In Cthulhu We Trust

Cthulhu Cult:In Cthulhu We Trust

Before we started, let's have a quick sanity check first.
Sanity Check:95, you seem to be perfectly rational. Let's get started! : )  
We've seen a lot of realistic Cthulhu Figures before. They're usually designed squid-liked, dreadful and devastating just as IT was described in the Legend. The fresh sense of curiosity and unknown was indeed bought by many people(I guess usually Cthulhu lovers) at first. However, as more and more female consumers entered the figure market, people were eagerly looking forward to a Cthulhu style figure with delicate, cute and girl-like elements to come out.
(Sanity Check:93)

All this had come true a year ago, in 2022, when the brand company FengRong Culture launched 2 sets of Cthulhu Figures with a literally one year delay due to Covid-19, since they should have been launched within 2021.
(Sanity Check:85)
The Idol was designed to be a pop star standing, singing and smiling in a princess dress on the stage. Below the dress was hyperbolic stockings and high heels, from which we can view the intention of the brand company to catch teenagers' eyes. The hair was squid-liked, covering a boat, which pay tribute to the Legend Of Cthulhu. The bone-wing, the squid-shaped bow tie on her chest and the horns on the head, these horror elements have even increased her cuteness. How can you say no to a cute little devil?
(Sanity Check:77, your mind has been affected by IT!)
As the younger sister of the Idol, The Dazed Lord of Lalaye Figure was made even more cute and animation style. She's sitting on a stone in daze. You can even change the head accessories to change her expressions. Comparing to her idol sister, she's more cabinet small and sugar sweet. The hair was basically the same inspired with her sister, the squid tentacles. You can use her to decorate your car or your computer desk. Balancing the subtle horror and cuteness is her magic weapon!
(Sanity Check:65. Are you okay now? Have some rest!)
“She’s always sitting quietly in the temple, for you to visit” A voice whispers in darkness.
You may think that'll be the end of the story. Then what if I tell you there're the other hidden special offers that applied to both of them? The special offer was a moveable platform, which seemed like a ruined and devastated world with all rocks and bricks, just like The R'lyeh City in the Cthulhu Legend. We'll never know if it's a cute girl or Cthulhu ITSLEF, who’ve traveled the dimensions and the astral space, sitting or standing there because you may already have lost your sanity. XD
(Sanity Check:42. No way! You’re losing your sanity very quickly! “pyramids are round.”You said.)
"That's her TRUE FORM, it's too late to be afraid, you mortals."The voice becomes louder. "To witness the dusk of everything."
And what’s more, besides the roles of decoration, the platforms have their substantial functions! The platform for the tiny Cthulhu was a light while the other for her older sister was a blue tooth speaker. With the special offers, now you got the reason to put them in the last slot of your exhibition library. You won’t miss this special offer!
(Sanity Check:14. “Water is toxic.”You said…. )
"Laughing or crying, sane or crazy, order or chaos, nothing really matters."
Cthulhu was first founded by Lovecraft, a writer whose life was very depressed. So Cthulhu was created, and implied as the entity of his negative emotion. But now, you won't be depressed or unhappy anymore, as our Cthulhu are passionate sweet girls)
"To embrace her is to embrace your heart, the real you."
(Sanity Check:100. It seems that we FINALLY have you back. You’ve been restored by the Cthulhu! OMG!!!
Now you see, not all Cthulhu in different dimensions are bad, right?

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