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COME4FREE Overseas Fans Feedback

COME4FREE Overseas Fans Feedback

  1. Where do you mainly get your design inspiration from? What inspired your design choices?

    BONNIE's design was inspired by various girls in daily life, as we aimed to showcase different styles of outfits. Coincidentally, BONNIE was born in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, so the combination of a rabbit-themed character with diverse fashion styles resulted in the unique BONNIE you see today. Also, we often draw inspiration from various forms of art, including literature, films, and daily life details. Through daily aesthetic accumulation, we refine these inspirations and incorporate them into our designs. Occasionally, flashes of inspiration and boundless creativity help us enhance our design work.

  2. Why don’t the latest series have ears? Will you make other animals in the same cute style?
    We hope to present a diverse image of BONNIE, so her character is not fixed as a bunny. We aim to showcase various appearances and possibilities. In the latest concept, we've themed BONNIE as part of the 'Pajama Party' series, portraying the image of a girl changing into pajamas to unwind, after a tiring day.

    Of course, our little BONNIE will have many different animal friends too! They will also be introduced in the future with various styles, so stay tuned ♡~

  3. Will you bring more skin for choosing in future BJD series?
    Yes, except the the regular skin and white skin, we are considering introducing more diverse skins in future BJD series, based on different concepts.
    Interestingly, during our creation of the 'Sweetheart Party' series, we were initially concerned that the special skin (Brown Coco) might be perceived as an unpopular choice. But after its release, to out surprise, she gained much love from players. ;w;
    This positive response encourages us to be bolder in offering a variety of skin to you.

  4. Will you make a boy doll in the future?
    A: The initial inspiration for BONNIE came from different girls in real life. Therefore, BONNIE will always meet everyone as a girl.
    However, in the future, we believe you can expect to see the birth of male dolls. They might be good friends of BONNIE, or perhaps a completely new IP. Who knows?

  5. Will BONNIE's magnetic ears come back?

    A: Thank you very much for your liking to BONNIE and the magnetic ears! We also love this concept, and we believe you will soon see the return of the ears, possibly even in new forms (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

  6. Are you considering making more accessories (such as clothes and other accessories) for our beloved girls?

    A: Of course!
    Actually, we are currently working on creating various styles of outfits for BONNIE and other cute dolls. We also welcome your suggestions: What styles of clothing or accessories would you like to see us release?

  7. Will you try more "modern" styles like "The Journey Of Streets"?
    Definitely! Thank you so much for your liking to our 'Street Journey' style • ◡•
    In the new series, you'll have the chance to see dolls in different styles, including the 'Modern' style.

  8. Is it difficult to design a hidden style? What were your considerations for the hidden style compared to other dolls in the series?

    Yes! As the rarity of the hidden edition, typically it tends to be the most glorious or unique one, compared to other dolls in the series.

    Therefore, in the design process, creating the hidden edition is the most challenging and time-consuming. When designing the hidden edition, the most important aspect is to maintain its 'special' quality while staying within the overall theme of the series. For example, when designing the 'Sweetheart Party' series, we added a feature of 'fox ears' to the hidden edition, making it looks different from the other ones.

  9. What is your design process be like? Do you come up with the theme of the doll first, then the clothes, and finally the doll itself?

    A: The process of bringing a design to life is truly a fascinating journey. Typically, we collaborate to envision the theme of our dolls. During the creative process, flashes of inspiration often occur, and these whimsical ideas seamlessly weave into our design process. We frequently share these intriguing concepts and consider whether to bring it to the overall concept or not.

    With each series's inception, we usually begin by designing the doll's clothing, based on its theme. Then, we need to figure out what hairstyles and faceplates would fit the outfits. Finally, adding intricate details to create a cohesive and complete series.

  10. I would love to hear the details of your design and engraving process.

    A: After the theme is decided, the most basic thing is the three-dimensional view, and then we need to work with the modeler to complete the design process from plane to 3D, which is not easy. More importantly, the designer have to catch the ‘feelings’.

    And once the modeling phase is complete, the next steps involve 3D printing prototypes, applying colors, continual adjustments & polishing, and ultimately transitioning to finished products.

    Additionally, the transition from 2D design to 3D modeling and from 3D to the final product requires a careful consideration of whether the item can effectively showcase our intended design. The sculpting process involves dedicated efforts to replicate the conceptual aspects from the 2D design. Throughout this journey, constant decision-making(Take or give up) is inevitable, while making these choices might be heartbreaking. ;w;  However, witnessing the final production of each piece brings immense joy and a sense of accomplishment. I guess that’s the real source of happiness for a designer (•̀֊•́)




I’m so excited to hear that there will be more series of the Bonnies. Personally, I prefer the overall design (especially faces and bodies) of the last two series over the first one. I like the cutesy touch combined with the outfits, especially Sweetheart Party. <3
I sure do hope the Bonnies will have ears again in the next series – fingers crossed. :)
Maybe a Nature themed concept would be interesting? As if the Bonnies are living in a forest, with mushrooms and trees etc. Would be cute! Greetings from an overseas supporter! <3


Interesting read! I’m happy to see there are more dolls, designs and skin tones to look forward to in the future.

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