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A Dreamy Story from Colorful Brocade‘s Mermaid Island

A Dreamy Story from Colorful Brocade‘s Mermaid Island

Mermaid Island

Colorful Brocade sweeties embarked on a fantasy ocean adventure in order to find clues to the panda sanctuary.

They came to the southernmost tip of the continent.The water was crystal clear and sparkling under the sunlight. They excitedly walked through the waves and explored the mysterious world under the sea.

After passing through a large coral reef, they came to an island. Suddenly, a sea monster appeared.When they were scared, suddenly, a golden light flashed. It turned out to be a mermaid wearing a hat. The mermaid used the scepter in her hand to emit golden light and fight off the sea monster.

Colorful Brocade sweeties were saved, and they started talking to the mermaid. The mermaid said that her name was Yu'er and she lived on Mermaid Island with her sisters.

Soon, the other mermaids swam over, and they introduced each other and became good friends.

They played and sang together, sharing each other's adventure stories and dreams, Baize said that they are finding the panda holy land.

Yu'er said that their father, the Dragon King, had made a scepter for them. Among them, the luck scepter in Liuli's hand could bring good luck. At the same time, she also liked to collect various mysterious ancient legends, but Liuli likes to be alone, so Colorful Brocade sweeties and the mermaids went to the depths of the ocean to find where Liuli is...

Character Name: Yu'er

Golden scepter--- can bring strength

Age: 16

Birthday: January 10th

Hobby: Singing with turtles


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