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TinyFox 'Kuroneko / Shironeko' 1/6 Points Angel Body Action Figure【Shipped in Oct./Nov. 2024】


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StyleFull Set Cat-01 (New Tactile Craftsmanship)
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Please Note: This product is a pre-sale product and will be shipped in October or November 2024!

Kindly reminding: The product is not free shipped, because the size of this blind box is 3-5 times bigger than a common one. And please forgive if it brings you inconvenience.

Product Contains:

  • Shirt * 1
  • Button Shorts * 1
  • Little Devil Satin-Ribbon Jacket * 1
  • Black Stockings * 1 Pair
  • Cat Tail (Black)
  • Fishbone Necktie * 1
  • Black Leather Leg Ring * 1
  • Leather Shoes * 1 Pair
  • Ponytail Wig (Black) * 1
  • Magnetic Cat Ears (Black) * 1 Pair
  • Yandere Heart-Shaped Eyes (0.6") * 1 Pair


  • Ruffled Sailor Collar Shirt * 1
  • Pink Skirt * 1
  • White Leather Leg Rings * 1 Pair
  • Leather Shoes * 1 Pair
  • Cat Tail (White) * 1
  • Angel Wings with Straps * 1
  • White Fishnet Stockings * 1 Pair
  • Wig with Braided Ribbons (Silver) * 1
  • Magnetic Cat Ears (White) * 1 Pair
  • Yandere Heart-Shaped Eyes (0.6") * 1 Pair

          Brand: TinyFox 

          Material: PVC, ABS

          Size: Height about 10.8"

          Age: 15+

          Kindly Reminder:

          1. This product contains small accessories that may cause suffocation if swallowed by children under 3. Adult supervision required. This product is recommended for all people over 15.

          2. Please allow 0.4" - 1.2" differs due to different measurement methods.

          3. Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings. The video is for reference only. If there is inconsistency between the photo and the actual product, the actual product shall prevail.

          4. All the props in the scenes are only exhibits and not for sale.

          Important Notice:

          The Tinyfox brand has carried out a comprehensive upgrade to the tactile craftsmanship of the 1/6 points angel body. The new process places greater emphasis on eco-friendly materials and product safety, while also reducing reject rates and promoting the user experience. In the future, players will be able to polish the 1/6 points angel body using designated tools. In addition, adjustments and optimizations has been made to the neck joint of the 1/6 points angel body accordingly, making it suitable for a wider range of head types, thus better meeting the diverse needs of players. In the future, all of 1/6 points angel body action figures released by Tinyfox for sale will adopt the upgraded doll body with new craftsmanship, except for the 'Murphy' 1/6 Points Angel Body Action Figure. If you are unable to accept the purchased item as the upgraded doll body, please contact Kikagoods customer service email for a refund. Apologies are extended for any inconvenience caused. Please trust that the Tinyfox brand's original intention is to bring better products and services to you. Moving forward, the team will make continuous improvements in product development to provide doll enthusiasts with a better playing experience.


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          TinyFox 'Kuroneko / Shironeko' 1/6 Points Angel Body Action Figure【Shipped in Oct./Nov. 2024】



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