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【Package Protection】1-Click Protect Your Order - KIKAGoods

【Package Protection】1-Click Protect Your Order


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KikaGoods Package Protection provides protection for shipments that are lost, broken, or stolen. Add this Package Protection item to your cart at checkout to enable protection service.

This service can only be used once. We will ensure that the products are in good condition and photographed to you before the secondary shipment, as well as best packing protection.

Add package protection at checkout and rest assured you’ll be covered in case your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit.

Resolve any shipping issues with just add this to order. Zero hassle, instant solves.

Online Shopping Just Got Securer

KikaGoods offers Package Protection service to ensure that your order package arrives safely at the destination. By purchasing this protection service, we will pack and ship your order with sufficient care, and will be responsible for any accidental product damage and package loss during the entire purchasing process.

We promise:

  • Adequate and careful packaging

  • Safe and reliable logistics provider

  • Resolve shipping issues Instantly

  • Priority delivery speed

1-Click Protect

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the peculiar nature of this service provided, it cannot be refunded after shipped.

Problem with your protected order?

If something went wrong with your protected order, Contact us now to provide you with a satisfactory payment.

✈️ Free Shipping:

Ⅰ. For order over 30 USD.

Ⅱ. 7 ~ 14 Business Days.

Ⅲ. For the cross-border transportation, there is a certain probability that customs clearance check and transporters connection will take a long time, we will refund and reissue the goods if the logistics is not updated within 45 days after delivery. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Ⅳ. If the logistics time is increased and the delivery date is delayed due to customs inspection, it is a force majeure situation and is not within our 7-14 day shipping time frame!

Ⅴ. Appliable Products: For majority products. Note: Action Figure, Electric Products, Designer Toy, DIY Products and Oversized Blind Box Products cannot enjoy the free shipping.

Ⅵ. Appliable Countries: United States (58 of 62 states), Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, Singapore, Vietnam, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Austria.

✈️ DHL Express:

Ⅰ. 2 ~ 4 Business Days.

Ⅱ. You need to pay for extra money for this premium shipping service.

Ⅲ. USA and Canada Applicable Only.

✈️ Worldwide Shipping:

Ⅰ. 7 ~ 14 Business Days.

✈️ Separate Delivery:

Ⅰ. If there is pre-sale products in your order, no matter which shipping method you choose, the pre-sale products will be sent separately by ordinary shipping methods when we have the products.

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【Package Protection】1-Click Protect Your Order



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