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Xiao Nian Heart Prophecy Blind Box - KIKAGoods
Xiao Nian Heart Prophecy Blind Box - KIKAGoods
Xiao Nian Heart Prophecy Blind Box - KIKAGoods
Xiao Nian Heart Prophecy Blind Box - KIKAGoods
Xiao Nian Heart Prophecy Blind Box - KIKAGoods

Xiao Nian Heart Prophecy Blind Box


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1. There are 10 regular designs and 2 hidden designs to collect.

2. The production ratio of general hidden mini-figure (Knight) is 1/100, and the production ratio of super hidden mini-figure (Recovery) is 1/100.


Material: PVC, ABS

Size: About 3-3.5"

Busy life makes people feel lonely, depressed, disappointed and other emotions gradually spread. I hope that through Xiaonian, everyone can get a temporary spiritual release. Xiaonian's design team regards people's inner desire as a hidden meaning through the subjective description of objective emotions. It tries to soothe and guide negative emotions by revealing these implicit allegories.

All Styles Include: Pause, Ouiet, Dawn, Melancholy, Meditation, Discouraged, Guard, Puppets, Tango, Fantasy, Knight(hidden), Recovery(super hidden).


Usage: Creative Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, Collectibles, for Christmas, Birthday, Party, Holiday

Type: Collectible Toys, Designer Toys, Vinyl Toys, Figure, Art Toy, Blind Box, Mystery Box, Lucky Bag

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Xiao Nian Heart Prophecy Blind Box



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