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Zoom Lilith Midnight Tea Party - KIKAGoods
Zoom Lilith Midnight Tea Party - KIKAGoods
Zoom Lilith Midnight Tea Party - KIKAGoods
Zoom Lilith Midnight Tea Party - KIKAGoods
Zoom Lilith Midnight Tea Party - KIKAGoods

Lilith Midnight Tea Party


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There are 8 regular designs and 1 hidden designs to collect.

Brand: 52Toys

Material: PVC, ABS

Size: about 2.5-3.5"

Usage: Creative Gifts, Decorations, Ornaments, Collectibles, for Christmas, Birthday, Party, Holiday

Type: Collectible Toys, Designer Toys, Vinyl Toys, Figure, Art Toy, Blind Box, Mystery Box, Lucky Bag

Introduction: In the stroy of Lilith Late Night Tea Party, the clouds dissipated under the starry night, and a dark and mysterious castle slowly emerged. The moon passes through the vines, and the moonlight shines on the long table of the tea party. In the quiet flickering candlelight, a figure appeared. It's the protagonist of the night, Lilith.

Lilith's pink curls fell, and she had blue sapphire eyes and a pair of milk teeth that weren't too sharp. She raised her chubby feet and sat on the stool, she seemed to be just a little girl who was sulking

Lilith late night tea party blind box include nine styles: Cos Alice, Little Ghost, Mad Hatter Doll, Cheshire Cat Doll, Lilith, Pocket Watch Rabbit Doll, Cos Queen of Hearts, Dormouse Doll, Muppets Lilith (hidden style)

Special gameplay: Each Lilith Midnight Tea Party Blind Box comes with a mini chair (two random styles) and a tea party bench fragment. Buying a complete set can be assembled into a complete set of tables and chairs.

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Lilith Midnight Tea Party