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Cino Loong Bao Limited Edition Plush Figure


🎁 FREE 1/12 Points BJD Clothing

🎁 FREE Gift from Penny's Box Series

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StyleCino Loong Bao Limited Edition Plush Figure
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❤️ Free 1/12 Points BJD Clothing

Every $60 Get 1 Free 1/12 Points BJD Clothing

Additional, for every additional $60 spent, one extra free 1/12 Points BJD Clothing (random style).

  • Inventory is limited to the final 400 pieces, while supplies last.
  • 1/12 points bjd clothing event and penny's box body event now only choose one of the two.

Please note: Your order must include at least one BJD/MJD Action Figure.

❤️ Free Gift from Penny's Box Series

  • Buy Any 2 PCS Penny's Box BJD Blind Boxes
  • Get 1 Penny's Box B01 Caramel Color Body for Free

Additional, for every additional 2 PCS Penny's Box BJD Blind Boxes purchased, you can get 1 Penny's Box B01 Caramel Color Body for free.

Event Time: June 8th 00:00 AM - June 17th 23:59 PM

✨ For Children's Day Event

1/12 Points BJD Clothing Event and Penny's Box Body Event now only choose one of the two.

  • a: If it meets the event requirements of Penny's Box body, we will give priority to the body freebies plan when shipping. If buyer wants switch to BJD clothing event, please make notes in the order note (in 400 PCS do the previous notes of dolls clothing inventory sold out are valid, and the subsequent notes will still be handed according to the body event.)
  • b: If the customer's order meets the event requirements of dolls clothing, we will send it to the customer according to the event requirements before 400 PCS sold out, similar orders won't enjoy this event.
    Thanks again for all understanding and support.

Code: halfprice


Please Note:

1. To ensure you can successfully receive the product, please note the following two points when placing your order:

  • When placing your order, please select DHL logistics for shipping. If you order this product along with other items, you will not be able to choose other more favorable shipping methods.
  • This product does not support the use of any discount codes.
  • If your order uses a discount code or selects a non-DHL logistics shipping method, our customer service will process a refund as soon as possible. Please understand.

2. The product does not qualify for free shipping due to its size. Please refer to the DHL Charges Policy on the Shipping Policy page for detailed information on the applicable charges. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

3. Due to the original packaging of this product being oversized, in order to ensure smooth delivery to the transportation company for safe shipping, KikaGoods will be repackaging the product for a second time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Brand: TimeShare

Material: PVC, ABS, Polyester Fiber

Size: Height about 18" (excluding tail)

Age: 15+

Kindly Reminder:

1. This product contains small accessories that may cause suffocation if swallowed by children under 3. Adult supervision required. This product is recommended for all people over 15.

2. Please allow 0.4" - 1.2" differs due to different measurement methods.

3. Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings. The video is for reference only. If there is inconsistency between the photo and the actual product, the actual product shall prevail.

4. All the props in the scenes are only exhibits and not for sale.

Please Note: 


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Ⅰ. For order over 30 USD.

Ⅱ. 7 ~ 14 Business Days.

Ⅲ. For the cross-border transportation, there is a certain probability that customs clearance check and transporters connection will take a long time, we will refund and reissue the goods if the logistics is not updated within 45 days after delivery. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Ⅳ. If the logistics time is increased and the delivery date is delayed due to customs inspection, it is a force majeure situation and is not within our 7-14 day shipping time frame!

Ⅴ. Appliable Products: For majority products. Note: Action Figure, Electric Products, Designer Toy, DIY Products and Oversized Blind Box Products cannot enjoy the free shipping.

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II. You need to pay for extra money for this premium shipping service.

III. USA and Canada Applicable Only.

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I. 7 ~ 14 Business Days.

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I. If there is pre-sale products in your order, no matter which shipping method you choose, the pre-sale products will be sent separately by ordinary shipping methods when we have the products.

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Cino Loong Bao Limited Edition Plush Figure



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