1.What is the role of VIP?

VIP customers will get an extra gift every time they purchase our physic goods during the VIP time.Gifts differ in every month.If you are a VIP but have not purchased any yet during VIP period,we will also give you a monthly gift.

2.What is the VIP gift?

Each month, our team along with our partners curates the Mystery Toy Box and each month is a surprise.

3.How are gifts transported?

Gifts will be sent with the order

4.How do I cancel my subscriptions

We do not accept refunds after you activate the VIP service

5.When does the date come into effect The validity period of VIP will be calculated from the date of purchase to the day of the second month. For example, if you purchase a month VIP on June 20, 2021, it will be valid until July 20, 2021.

6. One gift for one order and one order generates one waybill. We do not support customer to combine their orders into one to meet the free shipping policy.


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