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KikaGoods Photo Shoot Event

Duration: Sept 22nd to Oct 6th, 2023


Join our Discord

Post photos at 'Photo Contest'.

Social Media

(INS / Twitter / TT / Youtube / FB)

Post a picture/video and tag/@ kikagoods.

Social Media


Participation Award

Participate and send a participation screenshot or your social post link to our email ( for 100 points.

Ranking Award

Totaling 20 winners; 10 voted by Discord, 10 generated by social media (INS/Twitter/TT/Youtube/FB) (we will aggregate all comments + likes + retweets for ranking).

Award Distribution

Each of the two ranking methods will allocate 10 reward places.
There are 3 places for $100
There are 7 places for $20

Tips: If you want to participate in Reward 2, please make sure you send us an email of the participation screenshot.
Note: We may repost or forward your pictures/videos to our social media accounts. If you mind this, please ping me directly and I will make a note for you.


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