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🔥 Surprise! Identity V & Danganronpa Collaboration Blind Box

🔥 Surprise! Identity V & Danganronpa Collaboration Blind Box

💌 Dear detectives,

      A number of super popular characters will appear at Oritis Manor! 🎉 In the tight and fierce chase, can the fog lift

Monokuma has a cute outlook. 😽 However, behind the bear-shaped doll is the evil that plays with, manipulates, and encourages students to suspect and fight with each other.  🖤

Kiligili Kyouko has a strong and tender heart 💖 under her calm appearance. After transforming into Kiligili Kyouko, will Air Force Marta, as always, come forward to rescue her partners of crisis❓

With no special talent, Naegi Makoto was lucky enough to enter the Manor, but suffered many misfortunes. Nevertheless, he never gave up and always remained calm in front of difficulties. 💪

On the outside, Enoshima Junko is a print model who leads the fashion trend of high school students. 💃 In fact, she has concocted a series of horrible desperate incidents in the school, with desperation as the only meaning of survival...

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