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People's Choice of 2021: Top 10 (Part II)

People's Choice of 2021: Top 10 (Part II)

5. Pen Pot Hugging Succulents

When you are at work and studying, Pen Pot Hugging Succulents on your desk is like a special friend to accompany you. In addition, various cute expressions on them will also bring us a lot of joy.



4. Memelo Sweet Kingdom

What's in the Memelo Sweet Kingdom? Macarons, cake, ice cream and a dozen of pretty girls in princess dresses. Hurry up to join us, girls are already enjoying dessert!



3.Pure Natural Maid Cat

"Would you like tea or coffee? And do you want a cake?" Being served by a maid cat is like a wonderful dream, which makes us not want to wake up.



2. Egyptian Pharaoh Series 1

The ancient Egyptian pharaoh sit upright on high places. Regular, solemn and noble. The cold glow of metal makes them look attractive but untouchable. By the way, Egyptian Pharaoh Series 2 are in pre-sale, please pay atttention.


1. Ancient Fox Ascension

Finally, the number one selling blind box is revealed. The fox has always been a symbol of glamour, thus it's natural that it is most popular. In addition, its meticulous workmanship and high quality are also popular reasons. What I'm most curious about is: which lucky dog gets the Super Hidden Style?


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